IPP (Independent Power Producer) adalah perusahaan produsen listrik swasta yang dibentuk oleh konsosium untuk melakukan perjanjian PPA dengan PLN.

PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) adalah perjanjian jual beli tenaga listrik antara perusahaan produsen listrik swasta (IPP) dan PLN.

PLN sudah menyediakan pedoman IPP dan PPA dalam bentuk PDF dalam bahasa Inggris. Silakan di-download di bawah halaman ini.

General Terms in IPP Business in PLN

Independent Power Producer (IPP): A special purpose company (SPC), which is formed by sponsor(s) or consortium, to execute a power purchase agreement with PLN and to develop, build, own and operate a power plant.

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA): an agreement between IPP and PLN, IPP to sell power exclusively to PLN and PLN to buy power from IPP. The agreement contains terms and conditions that are binding to the parties.

SELLER: term for the IPP used in the agreement.

BUYER: term for PLN used in the agreement.

Performance Security: a certain amount of performance bond to be submitted by an IPP to PLN. There are two Performance Securities (PS): PS stage I that covers Financing Period and to be submitted on the agreement signing date; and PS stage II that covers the construction period and to be submitted on the Financing Date.

Pre – Qualification: a process to qualify consortium(s) based on certain criteria to determine that they will be liable to participate in the bidding process. The criteria, among others, are: Technical (experiences in development O&M and EPC), Business (consortium structure) and Financial (Total Asset, Net Worth).

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Request for Proposal (RFP): a bidding process. The bidders are required to submit Administration & Technical Proposal and Price Proposal. Typically, those proposals are included in one envelope and to be submitted at the same time. The one who has passed Administration and Technical Proposal evaluation will eligible for Price Proposal evaluation.

Financing Close: the date of initial drawdown.

Financing Date: the date when all of condition precedens of financing stage has been fulfilled, among others: financial close, EPC contract, land acquisition, SPC.

Commercial Operation Date (COD): the date when power plant starts to operate commercially after passing all operation requirements.

Download IPP – PPA Guide in PDF

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